“If every flooring consumer in the United States purchased product with a Vencon Eco-Promise, of planting nine (9) trees per order, together we could plant 486,000,000 trees, covering 810,001.61 acres, absorbing 12,150,000 tons of greenhouse gases – per year”


Greener Flooring for Tomorrow announced today that when you buy a green flooring product (hardwood, laminate, cork, etc) this company ( will plant nine trees in either Africa or Latin America in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases, produce sustainable forests and generate employment in third world countries. Here are the details.

VENCON’S Eco-Promise has been developed over the past year and promises that nine (9) trees will be planted for every order of flooring (hardwood, laminate and cork flooring) sold by Under this program Vencon has made arrangements with 30+ countries to plant indigenous trees in Latin America and Africa. Peter Rundle, President, Vencon USA LLC stated “Not only will these trees be planted by trained experts they also will be protected and maintained until they reach maturity”. In addition he stated “we believe this program will have a significant impact on the absorption of greenhouse gases and the Eco-Promise program will assist people in the third world countries involved in all aspects of the planting and maintaining process.

Recent research has show that trees grown within 20 degrees of the equator absorb greater amounts of harmfully greenhouse gases and therefore have the the most impact for carbon offset programs. Additionally these trees grow at almost ten times the rate as experienced in North American. Mr. Rundle pointed out that “this program is unique in the flooring industry and gives the consumer an opportunity to purchase quality flooring that are environmentally friendly and know they are making a contribution to our environment and protecting the interests of our children. This exclusive program will only be available through and Magnum Floors.

Mr. Rundle, VENCON’S President, is clearly committed to this new program. “We identified a program and then developed a delivery process that our customers can easily understand and once understood will provide an immediate and timely solution to greenhouse gas emissions.


Started in 1989, VENCON specializes in “GREEN” hardwood, laminate and cork flooring products from quality manufacturers in Europe. All VENCON (Magnum Floors) flooring is glue less and can be installed easily by the Do-It-Yourselfer. Additionally, all flooring is environmentally responsible and manufactured using the patented Uniclic or Valinge glue less locking system.

For further information, contact:

VENCON – Buy a Floor. Grow a Forest.

(843) 743 9180


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