Did you you know in North America, more than half of the coastal temperate rainforests, once extended from California to Alaska have been destroyed? 

Eco-Promise and Reforestation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


“If every flooring consumer in the United States purchased product with a Vencon Eco-Promise, of planting nine (9) trees per order, together we could plant 486,000,000 trees, covering 810,001.61 acres, absorbing 12,150,000 tons of greenhouse gases – per year”

 1. Can I or someone else personally visit the trees I have had planted through my contribution?Answer
A particular tree-planting area may be tens-of-thousands of acres in size. We cannot keep track of precisely where an individual contribution correlates to seedlings going in the ground. We also do not attach contributor ‘plaques’ to or near the trees as not only do they often become detached, but also as a conservation group, we feel that this is a waste of natural resources. 2. How can I find out if a reforestation organization is reputable? What questions should I ask a tree-planting organization to determine if they are legitimate, reputable and do a good job? Answer
The reputable reforestation groups mostly all know each other and they also know which organizations are known to be ‘pulling a fast one’ on the public. Quality reforestation organizations are not afraid of ‘hard questions’, have written recommendations from clients, and focus on quality rather than quantity. Good questions to ask include: “How do you ensure a high survival rate?” “Are you affiliated in any way whatsoever with any religious, political, cultural or other institution of any kind?” “Do you plant only indigenous trees and if not, in what situations is that OK?” “Do you plant only in non-timber harvest areas and if not, in what situations is that OK?” “If you are project partnering with an organization such as the US Forest Service, how can I know for sure that my contribution is not simply replacing existing funding for trees, with the prior funding then getting redirected towards administrative expenses?”
3. Why do you not have many other locations? Answer
Vencon USA LLC only selects locations we know about where there is a high survival rate, where trees are needed, where funding is needed, on publicly owned land, and where there is the manpower, supplies and ability to get the trees properly planted. We would rather do it right than waste our contributor’s money.
4. What percentage of the trees being planted with my contribution are 1) in non-harvest areas, 2) coppiced, and 3) harvested? If you are having trees harvested, what are the specific reasons for doing so and who or what company is benefiting? Answer
Vencon USA LLC only plants trees in non-harvest locations. In some highly specific circumstances, selected locations may have the trees coppiced but we ensure that the tree not only survives but also continues to thrive when this occurs. Many other reforestation groups take funds from contributors and have the trees harvested. To do so ethically, the forest must be funded and man powered to generate long-term sustainability (like FSC), the soil must not be compacted or otherwise damaged in the process (via machinery and trucks), no new roads must be built, and the harvested trees should directly materially benefit poor people in the


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