Advantages of Different Types of Flooring

Advantages of Different Types of Flooring

Resilient Flooring

Resilient flooring is one of the most practical flooring solutions for today’s active lifestyles. Durable, easy to maintain, affordable – and more! Resilient, also known as vinyl flooring, handles anything your family can dish out

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to clean and handles moisture
  • Greatest variety of choices
  • Stands up to high traffic

Laminate (think green and look for FSC Certified flooring)

You want a floor that’s a perfect match for your décor – but tough enough to tackle the challenge of your busy life.

 Laminate flooring for natural beauty and performance

  • The natural look of wood & stone
  • Spill-proof and nearly maintenance-free
  • Affordable, less expensive than hardwood flooring
  • Extremely durable


Hardwood flooring provides the best for your home.  No other floor can enrich your home with warmth and elegance like real wood.

  • Hardwood flooring adds beauty and charm to any room Warm and full of character
  • Easy care, no waxing required
  • Very durable, but not as good with standing moisture
  • Installs just about anywhere


Enduring beauty. The strength of porcelain. Choose with confidence from a collection that is all fashion and all porcelain.

  • Tile, a more durable ceramic tile, for high style and endurance Versatile & attractive
  • Exceptional stain & water-resistance
  • Incredibly strong, in fact, harder than granite (some styles can be used outdoors)
  • Easy care 

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