BY Flooring Suppliues UK

Surface finishes including urethanes
Keep grit off the floor, dust mop or vacuum regularly and keep doormats clean. Wipe up spills promptly with a dry cloth. Use a slightly dampened cloth for sticky spills.

Do NOT wax a urethane-finished floor. Waxing a urethane finished floor will cause the wood floor to be slippery, requiring continuous waxing as your maintenance, and any re-surfacing will require a full sanding process.

For general cleaning, use a generic hardwood floor cleaner. If the luster does not return to traffic areas, the floor may require recoating.
Acrylic impregnated floors require a spray and buff system as recommended by the manufacturer.

For waxed floors
Keep grit off the floor, dust mop or vacuum regularly and keep doormats clean. Wipe up spills promptly with a dry cloth or dry paper towel, use a slightly dampened cloth for sticky spills and buff with a dry cloth to restore luster. When the floor looks dull, buff first to see if luster can be restored before waxing. When areas of heavy use no longer respond to buffing, wax only those areas and buff the entire floor to an even luster.
When the whole floor needs attention, clean the floor with a solvent based wood floor cleaner and then wax. Your floor should only need to be completely rewaxed once or twice a year depending on traffic.
Cleaning a waxed floor with water will leave white water marks.

What is the difference between laminate flooring and wood flooring?
Laminate flooring consists of synthetic backing with a high-pressure laminate surface with a photograph of wood. Laminate is not renewable and therefore has a short usable life span.
Wood flooring consists of wood backing with wood wear surface or solid wood. Wood flooring with proper care will last generations. Wood floors can be refinished, re-sanded, and re-coated to look like new again.

How should I handle and store my wood floor prior to installation?
UNLOAD IN DRY WEATHER – If possible, unload flooring in good weather, never unload in the rain. Leave the flooring wrapped in the room you are installing it for 2 to 3 days to climatise.

Can I install a hardwood floor in any room?
Yes. With the variety of products available and a choice of installation options, hardwood flooring can now be installed in any room of the home. The only consideration is whether the floor will be installed on/above or below-grade. For example, because of potential moisture problems, solid hardwood is not recommended for installations below grade, such as in a basement. Engineered products, which are inherently dimensionally stable, are better choices for this area. All types of hardwood can be installed on/above-grade.

Will my floor age or change in colour?
Yes. You can expect to see shade differences in your floor over time. The cause is usually from exposure to the ultra-violet rays of the sun, whether direct or indirect. This colour change will be more noticeable in lighter shades, which will darken over time. In addition, certain species like Brazilian cherry will naturally darken over the years. These changes are due to the natural characteristics of wood and are not covered by most manufacturers’ warranties.



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