TORLYS Flooring Studio opened in Salem

First-ever in USA, progressive retailer showcases fresh approach and

environmentally friendly products.

Salem, NH – On Saturday, September 22, TORLYS Flooring Studio will open its first location in the USA, right here in Salem, New Hampshire.

A global leader in hard-surface flooring, TORLYS is known for progressive, innovative designs and the environmental integrity of its products.  Beautiful hardwood, laminate cork and linoleum floors are styled and created in Europe and the USA, and produced to exceed strict European and California environmental standards, the highest in the world. 

“We’re committed to creating the most beautiful and practical flooring available, but not at the expense of the environment,” said Peter Barretto, president of TORLYS Inc.  “With our debut studio in Southern New Hampshire, American consumers will finally get their chance to see and experience TORLYS flooring.” 

The TORLYS Flooring Studio opening in Salem will feature TORLYS floors exclusively. Lifetime New Hampshire resident and Studio owner Joel Trippiedi knows the TORLYS brand will be well received by New Englanders who generally have a close-to-nature style and preference for eco-friendly products. 

“Flooring is changing like any other product for the home,” says Trippiedi.  “TORLYS Flooring Studio is a perfect fit for New England” residents looking for visually stunning floors that are affordable and made with fewer natural resources.” 

The Studio will open its doors on Sept 22nd for a special “Celebrate Fall Event.”  TORLYS Flooring Studio is conveniently located in the Breckenridge Plaza at 254 N. Broadway, Salem, NH and will be open from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday, Saturday 9:00 AM –

4:00 PM. 

Joel Trippiedi is a dedicated flooring expert, an owner who brings 30 years experience to the TORLYS Flooring Studio.  He has management experience with national and international flooring companies, has served on the Forestry Stewardship Council of Brazil and worked as a consultant to the International Wood Flooring industry. 

TORLYS is an environmentally committed flooring company specializing in hard-surface flooring made exclusively in Europe and the USA.  TORLYS Cork, Hardwood, Laminate and Linoleum flooring all feature the patented Uniclic joint. 

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For further information, contact: 

Joel Trippiedi      John Kocemba

TORLYS Flooring Studio    Vice-President, Marketing

Breckenridge Plaza     TORLYS Inc.

254 N. Broadway, Salem, NH 03079-2132  1-800-461-2573 

Phone (603) 893-7565    Fax: 603 893 7566  Email:



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