Why select Cork Flooring?


Cork flooring products are made from all natural raw materials; offering the resilience and excellent performance of cork as an insulator, while providing amazing decorative possibilities. Cork Floors offer a very attractive range of designs, which are the result of marketing research and testing to obtain the highest quality construction and decorative appeal for floors in residential or light to medium commercial applications for the US market. Our decorative styles create a warm environment, both contemporary and unique that achieves maximum comfort and insulation from noise. The glue less joint systems of the floating planks permits fast and efficient installation of the cork flooring on any level surface at all levels of the home. In addition, by applying a topcoat of urethane after the installation, Cork floors can be installed in kitchens with good performance and protection from moisture.

Cork is a widely applied construction material that has been used for centuries due to its unique natural technical characteristics and surprising decorative appeal. The raw material is obtained by harvesting the cork oak tree bark; with the tree never being cut down. This enables the bark to regenerate itself within a few years. Cork is an ecologically sound material allows for continual harvesting for centuries making it a renewable resource for generations to follow. During the production process of natural cork flooring products, we utilize 100% of the harvested materials with no waste produced.

For more information go to www. Venconusa.com



  1. Thank you for the nice post and for spreading the word about cork oak flooring!

    For those interested in finding out more about cork oak floors, Wicanders floors represent a generations-old balance between environmental conservation, creation of wealth, and social development that benefits millions of people worldwide.

    Wicanders was recently chosen by the readers of Qualified Remodeler, because cork oak is a sustainable resource that balances natural beauty and environmental responsibility, and it also absorbs acoustic vibrations, reduces allergens, and prevents thermal transfer, which reduces energy costs. We have also recently joined Winners’ Circle for the 2008 GREEN LOG Home and Lifestyle Awards in the Flooring: Alternative Green Materials category. We were chosen from over 80 nominees, and we are proud to be among this prestigious group of companies and individuals.

    You can read more about Wicanders Cork Oak Floors on our blog, http://wicanderscorkoakblog.com

    Thanks a lot!

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