Vencon’s Model Green Flooring in Featured in Habitat Expo

VenconUSA Flooring and Model Hardwood

 Featured in Habitat Expo


Each year the Expo Habitat trade show allows visitors to appreciate the wide range of products on exhibit and benefit from the astute advice of housing professionals.

Expo Habitat was in sync with going green, presenting ecological choices that included a residence built by Construction Goscobec. This entrepreneur turned to Model Hardwood for flooring in a durable, environmental Éco-logis home certified LEED-Silver. Since our products are FSC certified, we were able to offer 1010 ft2 of Earl Grey, Aruba and Andalucia flooring. Our involvement in the project provided a fine opportunity for showcasing PG-Model because the home was presented on several occasions during televised broadcasts where viewers could see M and C series flooring on display. established in 1989 and established in Charleston SC. is an authorized factory direct merchant of certified green flooring products (including FSC Certified flooring) in a wide range of solid hardwood, laminate, cork and engineered flooring products all available in quick ship programs  from three national warehouses. Vencon USA LLC can be reached at or by phone at 843 225 3373.


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