Green Transformation: Green roofing.

ByKim Waterman

On the ninth floor of the new hospital building, the East Tower hospital staff will enjoy fresh air at an outdoor garden. This beautiful area, with plants, trees and benches, will be much more than just a pretty place for respite. It is a green roof, a roof covered with soil and plants that will slow and reduce the release of rainwater into city storm sewers and reduce the accumulation of solar heat on the rooftops. On hot summer days, the surface temperature of a green roof can be cooler than the air temperature. Green roofs also are believed to absorb heat and act as an insulator for buildings, reducing energy needed to provide heating and cooling.

The Green Roof Garden is just one of five green roofs in the Rush Transformation.

Two more are planned for the East Tower and two are already  blooming on the roof of the new Orthopedic Building and above the  underground loading dock.

The green roof on the Orthopedic Building is extensive, with more    than 1,360 trays laid out on the north and east sides.

“Rush worked closely with certified landscaping architects to choose  the right combination of plants, all with different bloom cycles to vary the view from season to season,” says Joe DeVoss, assistant vice president, Office of Transformation.

Looking less like a roof and more like a park, the area above the underground loading dock features a pleasant place for employees, patients,visitors and community members, with park benches, grass and numerous small trees and shrubs.

Check out the video below for more video and photos of the green roofs at Rush.


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