Is the $60 billion American furniture market poised for “green” growth?



CHARLESTON, SC – March 07, 2010 –The American furniture industry is quickly realizing that “green” is here to stay. Is this $60 billion industry poised for significant “green” growth?

Greener Product LLC thinks so. “We believe that the American furniture manufacturer has a present moment opportunity to take advantage of the developing green market” stated Peter Rundle, CEO.

Greener Product LLC should know since they have developed the world’s first and largest online platform that allows architects, contractors and the public freely search and evaluate LEED compliant products from over 350 worldwide manufacturers. To gain a better understanding of this opportunity Greener Product LL is sending senior representatives to the April 17-22t Highpoint Market to introduce their company and demonstrate how the Greener Product platform can assist manufacturers in delivering “green” furniture products to 175,000 LEED professionals.

Over the past several years furniture manufacturers have increased their usage of FSC certified wood or reclaimed wood in the construction of both commercial and residential furniture. Additionally many of these products are now third party tested for harmful formaldehyde or VOC’s to ensure a safe and healthy home.

Here are a few ways that people are protecting the planet by purchasing environmentally friendly furniture products.

  • Buy furniture that is constructed of sustainable or reclaimed wood that has been certified by a third party certification (TPC) such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
  • Purchase upholstered furniture products that are made from fabric that has been tested for unsafe levels of formaldehyde and volatile organic chemicals (VOC). Products should be tested by independent third party organization such as Green Guard or SCS and meet the US Green Building Council’s LEED rating system.
  • Consider products that have been regionally produced. This will greatly reduce energy cost and consumption and have a positive effect on reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Favoring organically grown cotton and hemp significantly reduces the amount of pesticides applied to the land.
  • Purchase products made from recycled materials like steel and even soda bottles helps protect the environment by saving energy, water and many natural resources.
  • Consider furniture that has been produced by environmentally responsible manufacturers that have a carbon emission reduction policy in effect.

. Greener Product LLC

Greener Product has developed the world’s first online platform that creates a marketplace for the analysis of green building materials. Greener Product, LLC provides architects, builders and the public a quick and easy online platform for searching and evaluating “green” products according to the internationally recognized United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) rating standards.

For further information please contact

Greener Product Team

Attention: Media

Tel: 843 576 0112 x 121


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