New Features to Assist LEED Professionals


GREENER PRODUCT Adds  New Features to Assist LEED Professionals

CHARLESTON, SC – March 08, 2010 Greener Product has introduced new features to their search engine that will allow LEED architects and other professionals to easily identify green building products that are LEED qualified. “These new features go a long ways to assisting architects and contractors to quickly source just the right product for their pending LEED projects. In addition all products are qualified for LEED projects and have received independent third party certification.” according to Peter Rundle, CEO, Greener Product.

No more wasted time talking about the wrong product collection, receiving inaccurate product certification information or trying to find a knowledgeable environmental technical/ support person. These new features make it easy for the architect to receive product specific information right from the manufacturer through the Greener product online platform.

Once the user has selected the preferred green building product they can request further information including;

  • CAD/Product Specification
  • Brochure request
  • More information or visit
  • Obtain online training or
  • Scheduling a lunch and learn.

Green Product takes a manufacturer’s products and through an extensive evaluation will determine the appropriate LEED credits for those products. This information is then published online and promoted to the 140,000 LEED professionals as environmentally preferred products. The site presently has 350+ manufacturers and 1300+ sustainable and healthy products.

Greener Product LLC

Greener Product has developed the world’s first online platform that creates a marketplace for the analysis of green building materials. Greener Product, LLC provides architects, builders and the public a quick and easy online platform for searching and evaluating “green” products according to the internationally recognized United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) rating standards.

For further information please contact

Greener Product Team

Attention: Media

Tel: 843 576 0112 x 121


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