#LEED® Certified #Green #Building Projects using Draper Solar Control Products

LEED® Certified Green Building Projects using Draper Solar Control Products

Arizona Game and Fish Headquarters

Arizona Game and FishArizona Game and Fish Headquarters in Pheonix, AZ
Draper Products Used: FlexShades with PW2400 & SW7000
Certification Level: Platinum

The Arizona Game and Fish Department’s headquarters building in Phoenix has earned “platinum” certification—the highest awarded—through the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program. It is one of only 3 other buildings in Arizona to be LEED certified. The 83,000-square-foot headquarters administration building is part of a 117,115-square-foot complex that also includes a 27,000-square-foot warehouse/lab building and a vehicle maintenance facility. Read more on their website

Ross Tarrant Architects 1950s Office Renovation

photoOnly the Second to Receive Gold in the Entire State!

Ross Tarrant in Lexington, KY
Draper Products Used: Manual FlexShades
Certification Level: Gold

When the firm made a 1950s-era building its new home, the potential for applying sustainable design practices to the renovation was obvious. RossTarrant Architects has since earned LEED Gold for its office-making it only the second LEED Gold project in the entire state.

Daylighting is a central element of the new design. Light sensors automatically reduce supplemental lighting as the interior spaces are bathed in natural sunlight. Tubular skylights carry sunlight into interior spaces. Motion sensors turn off lights in unused areas. More than 90 percent of regularly occupied workspaces offer views outside. Solar energy is even used to heat the building’s hot water. Learn more on their website.

Award-Winning “Green” Building Design

USDC Supercomputer CenterSupercomputer Center, UC Campus, San Diego, CA
Draper Products Used: Manual & Motorized Window Shades with SW2900 Series – 5% open (Installed by Contract Decor, Inc.)
Certification Level: Silver

The new building, designed by EHDD Architecture of San Francisco, incorporates innovative engineering approaches aimed at increasing the overall efficiency levels of data centers on UC campuses and elsewhere. Even before the new building was completed, its design was awarded the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Certified equivalent project launched on the UC San Diego campus, because it will be about 50 percent more efficient than current California standards call for. The design also earned a Best Practices Award from the California Public Utilities Commission.

Heifer International HeadquartersOne of the “Top Ten Green Projects” in the US in 2007

Heifer International Headquarters, Little Rock, AR
Draper Products Used: Motorized & Manual FlexShades
Certification Level: Platinum

Heifer International’s world headquarters in Little Rock, Ark., a LEED(R) platinum-certified facility built atop Arkansas’ largest brownfield reclamation site, has been named one of 10 recipients of the Urban Land Institute’s 2009 Awards for Excellence.

Newly constructed in February 2006, the 94,000 sq. ft. building was recognized by the American Institute of Architects as one of the “Top Ten Green Projects” in the United States in 2007. The Heifer project utilizes both motorized and manual DRAPER FLEXSHADES for solar control. DRAPER installation by Blind Ambition, and photography (above) ©Timothy Hursley, both of Little Rock, AR.

The building was designed to use up to 55% less energy than a conventional office building and to last for at least 100 years. Materials were selected for their durability, maintainability, low toxicity, recycled content, and regional availability.

Case Study (pdf doc)

Seven World Trade CenterSeven World Trade Center
Draper Products Used: Manual & Motorized Window Shades with Phifer SW2700(Installed by International Blind Contractors, LTD)
Certification Level: Gold

Seven World Trade Center is the first building to be rebuilt at the 9/11 site in New York City. It was also the 1st to receive LEED Gold Certification. Seven World Trade Center has Draper manual and motorized window shades.

7 World Trade Center was designed by David M. Childs. The building has a daylight dimming system in the ceilings that adjusts to the amount of available sunlight.

The cost of greening this World Trade Center project added less than 5 percent to its budget.

PNC Bank - Old Brownsboro CrossingPNC Financical Services

PNC Financial Services – Pittsburgh, PA
PNC Bank Branch – Bristow in Union, VA – Silver
PNC Bank Branch – Union, VA – Silver
PNC Bank Branch – Summit, NJ – Silver
PNC Bank Branch – Tyler Center, KY – Silver
PNC Bank – Old Brownsboro Crossing, Louisville KY- Silver

Draper Products Used: Motorized Window Shades PVC-Free Fabrics

This Pittsburgh financial services company has opened 43 environmentally friendly, or ‘green,’ branches since 2002. Having green branches has given PNC a jump on bigger national competitors in having buildings certified by the U.S. Green Building Council as energy-efficient and easy on the environment. Draper has window shades in many of the branches and more are being certified each month.

Tri North Headquarters – Fitchsburg, WI
Draper Products used: Motorized Window Shades using a Sun Sensor
Certification Level: Gold

The Tri North Builder’s corporate headquarters is located in Fitchburg, WI, just south of Madison. Opened in October 2006, this LEED Gold certified facility is one of the most environmentally-friendly buildings in the Midwest. The 58,000 square feet, three-story building is 40 percent more efficient than a standard building of its size and showcases many sustainable design features.

Among other sustainable design features the use of natural lighting to conserve energy dramatically reduces energy costs. This building uses natural lighting to light 90% of the interior spaces. This greatly reduces one of the largest usages of energy. The heating and cooling of a building also involves a large consumption of energy. To reduce that consumption, outdoor light sensors automatically lower and raise the shades to naturally assist the heating and air conditioning systems in maintaining a constant building temperature.

Wayne Morse CourthouseWayne Morse Courthouse – Eugene, Oregon
Draper Products used: Manual Shades with M screen
Certification Level: Gold

The Wayne Lyman Morse United States Courthouse serves the District of Oregon as part of the Ninth Judicial Circuit. This project was chosen as an AIA Committee on the Environment Top Ten Green Project for 2007. According to AIA’s report, “The project’s energy use also was reduced by approximately 40% through the use of extensive daylighting, shading, high-performance glazing, efficient electric lighting, displacement ventilation, and radiant-floor heating and cooling. At night, air from the building is replaced with ambient air, reducing the cooling load. Materials were selected for their recycled content, regional availability, minimal maintenance needs, and low chemical emissions.” – Click here for details.

Merry Lea Environmental Center of Goshen College
Draper Products used: Manual FlexShades
Certification Level: Platinum

Merry Lea Environmental CenterGoshen College’s Rieth Village was awarded Platinum LEED designation — one of only 42 such environmental awards in the United States. Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center of Goshen College, south of Wolf Lake, IN. received a Platinum LEED rating, the U.S. Green Building Council’s highest honor for environmentally sustainable building design. Rieth Village was the 42nd building in the country to earn this distinction for new construction.

A platinum rating requires 52 points; Rieth Village received 55 points for distinctive features such as passive solar design, cisterns for recycling rainwater, tulip poplar siding harvested locally, solar panels and a wind generator.

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