LEED, Prefab, Apartments: The Modules

This 72-unit building, The Modules, is under construction near Temple University in Philadelphia. 

By Preston Koerner

 Designed by Interface Studio Architects, the apartment project includes 60,000 square feet of living space with a green roof, parking for 38 cars, and storage for 50 bikes.  What’s impressive is not just that this will be a prefab, green, contemporary, apartment building, but that it may be the largest modularly-constructed LEED for Homes project in the nation. 

The Modules was designed by the same firm, Interface Studio Architects, that designed the 100k House, a LEED Platinum project that’s received considerable media attention. 

Perhaps this new apartment project is equally as noteworthy as the 100k House (if not more) because, upon completion, The Modules will be the largest modular structure built in the same city. 

Scheduled for completion towards the end of the summer 2010, The Modules is being developed by Carlisle Street Partners, LLC, with Equinox Management & Construction, LLC as the general contractor and Excel Homes as the modular manufacturer.


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