10 Million SF Under Energy Audit by AEI



 Advanced Energy Innovations conducts energy audits of commercial buildings under EPAct that can generate ROI of up to 75% and payback within 2 years.   

Charleston, SC. November 12, 2010 – At Advanced Energy Innovations (AEI), they are embracing a vision beyond reason –they really want to help change the world. They believe in matching a company’s future energy needs with AEI’s proven experience of saving money through a little known federal program called EPAct. Little known perhaps but a program with a huge financial upside that is getting a lot of attention from architects, contractors and commercial real estate managers.

EPAct was passed in 2005 and has recently been extended until 2013. This successful program provides a tax deduction up to $1.80/sf and is available for buildings that achieve a 50% energy cost reduction compared to a standard reference building meeting ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1-2001.

“Advanced Energy Innovations currently have over 10,000,000 SF under audit with many nationally recognized companies. With the significant savings, companies can generate a ROI of up to 75% and payback within less than 2 year as evidenced with our Park Laurel project.” stated Felippe Marques, Sales Director, AEI.

Under the program a new (or existing) project can request a free online energy assessment that will generate a proposal for an audit that must be performed by a recognized third party auditor such as AEI. Once the audit is completed and the building certified for the allowable deduction the building owner can take the deduction. See AEI power point presentation on EPAct or more information.


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