Certification Seal for LEED Compliant Products

Greener Product LLC has introduced a Certification Seal that demonstrates building products are in compliance with the standards established by the LEED, LEED for Homes and NAHB green building standards.

Charleston, SC -November 5, 2010 – Architects,contractors and facility managers are searching for LEED compliant products for new green projects. According to a recent publication the green building market is projected to reach $61 billion in 2010. However finding a reliable and trustworthy product source can be frustrating and time

The Power of the Seal

Greener Product Certification Seal

demonstrates that a product has been evaluated against the LEED, LEED for Homes and/or NAHB green building standards using internationally recognized third-party certification organizations, laboratory test results and/or other supporting documentation. The Seal confirms the product complies with the LEED, LEED for Homes and/or NAHB standards and may earn credits that contribute to certification under these green building rating systems. Products that meet the standards will be awarded the Greener Product Certification Seal.

To have your products evaluated for the Certification Seal click here


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