Vermont Quarries Earns Greener Product Certification Seal

Vermont Quarries Earns Greener Product Certification Seal

Charleston, SC – January 5, 2011 Greener Product LLC announced today that VERMONT Quarries Corp. has been awarded the Greener Product Certification Seal for their marble kitchen and bath countertops. Vermont Quarries is the first marble quarry to have its complete production of marble certified for air quality.

Vermont Quarries Corporation took over the production and operation of the famous Danby Marble quarry in 1992. With its rich history and tradition stemming from over 100 years of production, Vermont Danby Marble® stands alone when it comes to performance, beauty, excellence and durability. Known to be the most prestigious white marble produced in North America, Danby Marble is fast becoming the white marble of choice around the world. With its wide ranging possibilities from kitchen countertops to world class monuments, Danby Marble is the premier choice

The Greener Product Certification Seal demonstrates that a product has been evaluated against the LEED, LEED fTemplate-Blogor Homes and/or NAHB green building standards using internationally recognized third-party certification organizations, laboratory test results and/or other supporting documentation. The Seal confirms the product complies with the LEED, LEED for Homes and/or NAHB standards and may earn credits that contribute to certification under these green building rating systems.Only building products that meet the standards are awarded the Greener Product Certification Seal.

Greener Product LLC Greener Product LLC has developed the world’s first online platform that creates a vast marketplace for the analysis of sustainable and healthy building products. This one-stop resource is used by thousands of dedicated green professionals to research environmentally preferable building materials and to study vital information on how to use advanced building design to build green more effectively.

LEED is a registered trademark of the US Green Building Council.

National Green Building Standard™ – is a registered trademark of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

For further information contact:

Media, Greener Product LLC,

Tel: 843 576 0112


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