Three Myths About Green Building


Three myths about Green Building Products.

Building retailers and contractors find that by promoting products with an eco-label they are three times (3X) more likely to be successful in selling green building products

The Certification Seal makes it easy for customers to select green building products and even easier for our staff to explain the sustainability and healthy living features of different building products“. Houston, TX, Building Retailer

The most popular certification seals for building products are the Greener Product Certification Seal and Green Seal.

Here are three myths about Green Building Products!

  • Myth #1 – Green products are more expensive.

    Fact: Thanks to economies of scale due to high volumes, many green products today are competitively priced versus “brown” counterparts; and often can make up for premium pricing many times over during their lifetimes due to savings on energy and water, or simply better performance and value.

  • Myth #2 – Consumers don’t want to buy green products.

    Fact: Green building represented $61 billion a year in sales in 2010, according to McGraw Hill publications. Green Products are the fastest growing product segement of the commercial and residential building industry.

  • Myth #3 – Green products don’t work as well.
    Fact: Many prominent brands have recently been developed specifically to work as well or better than regular products. Additionally for these better working products consumers are willing to pay a premium price to boot!

Next step?
To learn more about the Greener Product certification seal click here, or if you want to apply for a product seal simply complete the free application.


Greener Product LLC, 8761 Dorchester Rd, , North Charleston, SC 29420 Tel: (843) 576 0112

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