Solar water heating systems explained

solar water heating systems

 If you are like many of our customers who found us by doing internet searches and have an interest in investing in the environment and lowering your monthly home energy bill. Now may be a good time consider installing a solar water heater with Charlotte Solar Power. Solar water heating systems come in an array of different makes and configurations and can be applied in many different scenarios. If you are interested in reducing your energy costs, and want to use the suns natural radiant energy to heat your pool or hot water, consider installing a solar water heating system with us. Solar water systems are efficient and don’t cost a penny to run when compared to the alternative “conventional” electric water heating systems.

 Conservatively speaking, we have found that in 99% of the installs we have done, our customers can count on reducing running (energy) costs by approximately 50-80%. This is great news, considering a significant part of energy cost for your home comes directly from heating hot water.

How do solar water heating systems work work? Solar water heating systems use absorber panels to harvest the sun’s energy. These absorber panels are in many cases installed on the roof of your home or garage. As the sun shines on the absorber panels, water is heated in tubes located in close proximity to the panel system or in a storage unit connected to a conventional water heater. Solar water heating systems give in many cases allow homeowners use the solar source as their main system and the conventional system as their back-up. Optimally placed absorber panels, with conventional methods as a backup will yield you many years of use and dramatically lower energy costs all while lowering your carbon footprint and contributing to a greener world.

 Interested in using the sun to run your hot water system?

Here are a few questions you’ll need to consider before hiring a professional to install your system. Naturally, we are available to assist you if you have any questions or need direction in any way.

 Is your current system running efficiently?

Some newer homes are equipped with Energy Star, or on demand water heating appliances which dramatically cut back on energy costs.

 Do you have the initial investment capital to purchase a solar powered system?

Right now Local, State, and Federal tax credits and incentives can be applied to help offset the costs of your installation by up to 55-60% making the up front cost more affordable. Contact us if you have any questions.

 Are there enough solar experienced installation and repair professionals in your community to keep your system up and running?

SolarNC has been an industry leader here in North Carolina and South Carolina for years and takes a customer centric approach to installs. We operate on a 24 hour clock and have certified technicians and experts on standby to address any need.


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