Franklin County School District Launches $1.6 Million Energy Efficiency Improvement Project

News Release

Franklin County School District Launches $1.6 Million Energy Efficiency Improvement Project

— High Performance Upgrades Will Reduce Lighting Costs by 61% —


Winchester, TN, June 30, 2010—The Franklin County Board of Education has just completed implementation of a $1,595,415 energy efficiency improvement project with their energy partner—Excel Energy Group, Inc. The project involved upgrading and controlling the antiquated lighting system in the 15 major buildings within Franklin County Schools’ purview. Through grant funding and low interest rate loans, the entire project is paid for with no capital outlay and solely with the energy and maintenance savings generated by the upgrades. Excel guarantees the project will generate more annual savings than annual expenses, meaning the district will retain more of its budget to devote to other necessary expenditures. If the savings generated do not cover the total cost of the project, Excel will refund any shortfall to the Franklin County Schools.

          The total scope of the project encompassed 15 buildings and involved the updating or replacement of nearly 25,000 lighting fixtures. To fund this initiative, Franklin County Schools has been awarded $128,384 in Energy Efficient Schools Initiative (EESI) grant funding plus $139,072 in rebate incentive money from the Tennessee Valley Authority. The remaining balance of the project is being funded with a combination of 0% and low interest financing.

          The improvements will generate over $213,000 in energy and demand savings per year. When coupled with the $16,871 annual maintenance savings generated, the project will account for nearly $230,000 in annual savings for the District. With annual payments totaling $209,953, the project will not only pay for itself, it will generate an additional $20,013 in savings every year. The upgrades will ultimately eliminate over 2.3 million kilowatt-hours of electricity every year. That represents a more than 60% reduction in the District’s current lighting expenses.

          The District will realize the benefits of these upgrades for years to come.  The upgrade will reduce overhead (saving a million dollars over five years), will improve light levels and the learning environment for students, and benefit the environment as well. These state of the art efficient fixtures burn brighter, last substantially longer, and require less money to maintain. Furthermore, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions prevented by the decrease in kilowatt-hours used will equal 3,701,217 pounds of Carbon Dioxide, 16,521 pounds of Sulfur Dioxide, and 6,079 pounds of Nitrous Oxide per year—the equivalent of 188,846 gallons of gasoline consumed every year.

           Through grants, incentives, low interest financing, and energy savings guarantees, the School District will not only be able to implement all these upgrades without capital outlay, but will also enjoy a positive cash flow throughout the life of the project­­. By pairing cutting edge technological upgrades with creative financing options, the Franklin County School District looks to significantly improve its economic outlook and future stability while reducing its carbon footprint


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