Brazil Introduces Tax Breaks for Large-Scale SOLAR Projects

New Hampshire, USA — Brazil has long been a leader in the production of ethanol. In the past few years, it has laid the groundwork to becoming an international force in wind energy. But the country has been a non-player in the solar industry with just one 1 MW solar project under its belt. Now, the state government appears to be ready to make a major investment in the solar industry.

According to Bloomberg News, Brazil’s state-run energy agency is set to introduce two significant policies that would allow utilities to receive tax breaks for large-scale projects and would let businesses and consumers sell electricity back into the grid.

“Brazil is supporting solar a lot,” agency official Ivan Marques de Toledo Camargohe told reporters at a news conference. “We’re clarifying the rules. The market will determine how much solar energy will be developed.”

The nation has already indicated that solar will be a major component of the World Cup soccer tournament in 2014, with large installations powering stadiums across the country.



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