SOLAR CAPITAL LEASE – 100% project funding, No Capital Investment

Dated:  April 16, 2013
EMPOWER Solar Lease
Provides 100% project financing for small to medium commercial solar installations. No Capital Required.

Charleston, SC. – The EMPOWER Solar Lease has recently been introduced to provide a low cost financial solution to installing small-to-medium sized solar systems. Under the program the equipment lease will provide 100% project financing for roof-top or ground systems that range in size from 50 kW to 1 MW. The program is expected to be of particular interest to large manufacturers wishing to “go green” and other companies interested in finding a new source of revenue or means to reduce their present energy costs.

“The EMPOWER lease program has`a significant competitive advantage over other lease structures” according to Peter Rundle, President, Solar Capital Leasing.  “The lease allows us to monetizing the 30% Federal Tax Credit and depreciation which is applied directly to the loan amount. Often this will have the direct result of lowering the loan amount by 40% or more.

Program Benefits
GreenCheck No Capital Cost to Install Solar System
There are no costs associated with the installation or
operation of the system for the twenty (20+) life of the system .
GreenCheck No Operating or Maintainance Expenses
– Selected Solar Installation company will train the host’s staff to operate and maintain the system after the first year.
GreenCheck The host receives all the income from power purchase agreement and any renewable energy credits for the life of the system.
GreenCheck Purchase Option to buy the System
– The agreement will offer the host options regarding the system
including removal of the system at no expense, lease the system,
maintain the current arrangement or purchase the system at a reduced
GreenCheck Contribute to Energy Independence & Reduce Harmful Emissions
– Renewable energy alternatives, such as solar, reduce our dependence
on foreign oil and greatly help to reduce the dangerous gases that lead to global warming.

Download a EMPOWER Solar Lease Brochure or apply here.

Contact Media

Solar Capital Leasing

Tel: 843-576-0112 x 121

Solar Capital Leasing

Solar Capital Leasing is a professional services and project development company providing renewable energy solutions through photovoltaic (“PV”), solar thermal and wind technologies.

The company levers its energy knowledge expertise, investment banking expertise and
procurement processes to help business, schools, non-profits, and municipalities maximize energy savings and reduce


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