About Greener Product, LLC

A.         The Company

Greener Product, LLC based in Charleston, SC is a web-based platform that supports the manufacturer by cataloging their qualified green products and providing the 100,000 LEED approved professionals, 5,000 of the most influential architectural companies and American builders the ability to quickly search for building products, evaluate each product against the United States Green Building Council’s LEED standards (LEED) and then save or print the evaluation report, which can be easily inserted into their project file.

Greener Product, LLC is an entrepreneurial company dedicated to providing tools that will enable the AEC community and “green” building manufacturers the ability to promote and increase the use of sustainable and healthy building materials in commercial and residential construction. The founders have in excess of thirty years proven success in the worldwide building industry dealing with Fortune 500 companies in the development of environmentally friendly building products. In addition the founders have in excess of ten years experience with respect to online software development and e-commerce models.

B.            Background
Historically the demand for green building products in the American building market has been minimal, at least up until twelve months ago. With greater interest by the pubic in such issues as global warming and support of the Federal government, America is now aggressively “going green”. This trend is expected to continue and according to many experts the need for “green” products has never been greater.

The number of construction projects has started to escalate especially in the design/ build area where it has been estimated that in over 80% of the construction projects architects are specifying green building materials. Initially manufacturers realized this and started promoting “green” products. Unfortunately most products were exactly the same and manufacturers were simply “greenwashing” their respective products. However things are changing quickly.

In an effort to better define “green” products the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) established Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) The USGBC is a community comprising 78 local affiliates, more than 20,000 member companies and organizations, and more than 100,000 LEED Accredited Professionals. USGBC is the driving force for an industry that is projected to soar to $60 billion by 2010.
Under USGBC, LEED established a Green Building Rating System for sustainable green buildings. This rating system is now recognized as the standard for architects, builders, construction managers, lenders and government agencies. In fact state and local governments across the country are adopting LEED for publicly owned and funded buildings. LEED projects are in progress in 41 different countries, including Canada, Brazil, Mexico and India.

Although LEED is recognized as the standard for green buildings the architectural community has expressed growing concern in the amount of time required to identify green products and then  specify these products into LEED qualified projects. In addition the design and building communities are being presented with challenges in researching  “green” products that meet the appropriate LEED standards. In summary LEED certification is becoming very time consuming, complex and expensive for the architectural community.

C.         Greener Product, LLC Program
Greener Product, LLC identified this problem and over the past year has developed a “game changing” web based platform designed specifically for LEED AP’s, architects and builders to identify green building products. This free service platform allows for the building specifiers to quickly search for green building products and then once identified evaluate those product against the LEED standards.

The online service is a platform for manufacturers to “tell their green story” directly to the largest group of American building specifiers. The products are registered on the Greener Product, LLC web site and presented to the LEED community for final consideration. Then the products are evaluated (against the LEED standards) and  the information is prepared in a report supported by copies of independent 3rd party certificates (FSC, CARB, Greenguard, Blue Angel, etc), laboratory testing reports, product environmental attributes, LEED credit and inserted into a comprehensive report ready for submission into the architects project file.

D.         Greener Product, LLC accesses the design and builder community by;

  • National Sales Force calling on LEED AP’s, architects, builders
  • Trade shows i.e. Greenbuild,  NEOCON, AIA,
  • Training programs for architects (AIA programs)
  • FREE Web seminars to trade
  • Trade blogs, trade magazines, publishing articles, Google search
  • Social networking to LEED architects, Twitter, Face book
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